Charleston Date Night

My beautiful wife, Ariel, and I have been trying to try all of these places on a master list that we have for Charleston—but we've made some (slow) progress on this list, yet a lot of our co-workers / friends keep asking us for date night spots. So we wanted to create a resource where you can find new places, perfectly tailored for the time of day, budget, and food type you are looking for.

Our goal is to do all the heavy lifting for you and provide the best resource around—full of photographs, restaurant / shop hours, directions, and top menu items for each place


The Found Photographs

When I was around the age of thirteen, my grandfather handed me my first 35mm film camera. From then, I saw the world differently. I began to realize that I could capture moments of my life with this fascinating device called a camera. My grandfather has always been one of my biggest influences in making photographs. For as long as I can remember he has always had a camera in his hand, documenting my life and my families lives as well. 

Through this series of thoughtfully curated photographs taken by my grandfather at various times of his life with a wide variety of subject matter including; my grandmother, my dad, friends, cousins, strangers and anyone who would let him make a photograph of them… I hope I can show you his vision and how he saw and documented the world around him.


A Moment With a Person

This is a series that I will be creating over the next months and years to come where I photograph friends, acquaintances, strangers and ultimately—humans.

I want to show one, or a few photographs of different human beings that make me feel something. Even if it is a styled shoot, casual hanging out or passing by one another on the street. I want to highlight a select, very specific group of photographs that I make and briefly talk about it – why it makes me feel and what it means to me.