A Moment With a Person

An Introduction

This is a new series that I will be creating over the next months and years to come where I photograph friends, acquaintances, strangers and ultimately – humans.

I want to show one, or a few photographs of different human beings that make me feel something. Even if it is a styled shoot, casual hanging out or passing by one another on the street. I want to highlight a select, very specific group of photographs that I make and briefly talk about it – why it makes me feel and what it means to me.

The photograph above is of my friend Lauren who in the fall of last year helped me create a few projects for work and sacrificed a lot of time to make a few films happen. We also like to shoot just for fun and this photograph is from one of those moments.

We were about to end the shoot and stumbled upon a rooftop where I could eliminate the skyline and focus on how she wanted to interact with the camera and what kind of moment she wanted to make. I gave her slight instruction and then just photographed. –

She made the moment.

She made a moment that doesn't remind me of anything in particular but it just makes me feel. Maybe it's her look, her posture, the minimalist background that really draws you into an expression of her moment she created. I'm not sure. But it still makes me feel, something.

So throughout this series, I want to highlight these moments. I want to bring them to a light that may have fallen dark if I don't present them in this stripped back way. You might scroll past it, or swipe through... 

I just want to show them in a light where the moments that I've so lucky to of been able to capture are highlighted correctly.

So here is An Introduction

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